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after effects tutorials from video copilot

7 Best Free Adobe After Effects Tutorial Websites

Over the years, Adobe After Effects has become an integral part in video production projects for movies, television and the web. If you want to be involved in the world of video production and post-production, then you need to know how to use After Effects. If you can't afford to ...
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apply seo to graphics site

SEO Tip – Apply SEO To Your Graphics Intensive Site

In this article, we'll explore how you can apply SEO practices to your graphics intensive website. Goggle, like many other search engines, is unable to actually “read” the images on your pages. Search engines are designed to search and index related text content. For example, if you have an image ...
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How To Create A Website

How To Create A Website – Web Design Creation Tips

In learning how to create a website, there are certain aspects of website creation that you need to keep in mind. Here are 8 useful website creation tips that will help you create stunning websites. How To Create A Website - Website Creation Tip #1 - Select a color scheme ...
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brochure design

Brochure Design Tips – How To Design A Good Brochure

You may already know some methods when it comes to designing your brochures. Based from what you already know, you may think that you already have the perfect brochure design for your business. But with that said, do you know about the attributes that make up a good brochure? These ...
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banner design tips

Banner Design Tips To Help You Design Like A Pro

Banner design for web or print purposes plays an important role in establishing a company's brand or identity. This article discusses how you can use banners to effectively market your business. Banner Design and Your Memory Let's say that you were having a conversation with a co-worker about a new ...
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9 Great Design Tips For Your Marketing Materials

Design Tip #1 Here's your first, and most important, design tip. Don't simply contract any decent designer. Get a designer who has had a lot of experience planning business related material. Your designer needs to get the right information about your business before starting the project. So make sure to ...
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marketing mistake web designer

3 Marketing Mistakes Web Designers Make When Selling Their Services

Marketing Mistake #1 - You don't have your own business website domain and contact information. This is a huge marketing mistake - dont lose prospective clients over this one. On the off chance that you realized that you were invited to a very important business and marketing event, would you ...
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